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We represent solely employers, across various industries. The majority of our clients have shown their trust in us through long-term collaborations.

We build relationships of trust


A constantly growing number of Greek and multinational firms have entrusted us with their employment matters over the years, forming long-lasting relationships of mutual respect.

What our clients say
about us

AD HOC LEGAL combines professionalism and consistency. Their many years of experience and their knowledge, combined with strict adherence to schedules and their specialized staff, ensure the execution of each project meets the highest quality standards. They are our reliable partner, advising us every step of the way with responsibility, efficiency and high quality of services.

Ad Hoc Legal-Iliana Gkeka
Iliana Gkeka
Finance & Administration Manager

Ad Hoc Legal partners provide timely and accurate solutions to their clientele. They are able to offer constructive and efficient solutions that add value. Ad Hoc is a long-term partner.

Ad Hoc Legal-Christos Bobolias
Christos Bobolias
Chief Operating Officer, COCO-MAT SA

We have many years of cooperation with ms. Poulakou in matters of labor law, labor relations and other related issues.
We are very satisfied with our cooperation so far because in addition to her deep knowledge and experience, she provides us with alternative solutions, always with immediacy and accuracy.
It is important for us that her proposals are realistic, take into account our business needs, and, when required, are accompanied by a communication and implementation plan.

Ad Hoc Legal-Angeliki Oikonomou
Angeliki Oikonomou

For such delicate and critical issues as labor and employment, every business needs the support of a specialized office that inspires confidence, security and provides responsible, timely and comprehensive information. To our great satisfaction, the Management of the PEIFASYN Group found these in AD-HOC LEGAL.

Ad Hoc Legal-Athanasios Mouchtis
Athanasios Mouchtis
General Manager

Ad Hoc Legal always responds in a timely and accurate manner to our legal challenges, proposing the best and most practical solution for their clients, with specialized knowledge and experience, but also adaptability to the specifics of each client.

Ad Hoc Legal-Christina Vasilopoulou
Christina Vasilopoulou
General Legal Counsel East Europe

Our collaboration with Ms. Poulakou of AD HOC LEGAL started with the webinar she offered to the Members of the Initiative, on the new Law 4808/2021 for the Protection of Labor, keeping the undiminished interest of all those present, proving the importance of substantially presenting clarifications and the fully covering all the questions that were asked.

Mrs. Poulakou showed a high level of professionalism and excellent knowledge of the legal issues related to her specialization.

Ad Hoc Legal-Agis Pistiolas
Agis Pistiolas
President of the board of ELLA-DIKA MAS

High level of professionalism, consistency and reliability, are some of the key features we recognized in our collaboration with Ms. Poulakou of AD HOC LEGAL.
In an ever-changing and demanding environment, Ms. Poulakou responds with knowledge and expertise, offering high quality services to a wide range of legal issues.

Ad Hoc Legal-Vicky Pistiola
Vicky Pistiola
Vice President

With confidence, frequent interaction and complete understanding of our business and work culture, Chryssiis’s contribution is crucial in both solving the (sometimes sensitive) work issues, and integrating new labor law policies and provisions, always aiming to protect our people, but also maintain an excellent working environment. Chryssiis knows well our culture and long history, and at the same time understands the modern needs for evolution and sustainable development.

Ad Hoc Legal-Angeliki Sofou
Angeliki Sofou
Legal Counsel at Athens Brewery

Chryssiis is always by our side, she understands our needs and supports us with her legal knowledge and advice. She is a valuable and trusted partner in our decision making. Above all, Chryssiis has become part of our team.

Ad Hoc Legal-Georgios Loukas
Georgios Loukas
HR Industrial Director at IMERYS Greece, Bulgaria, Georgia

Our collaborations regarding both specific companies and entire sectors have shown that Chryssiis has both knowledge and experience on how companies operate. And her contribution to the field is immediate, and very valuable, because it is practical and specific.

Ad Hoc Legal-Christos Ioannou
Christos Ioannou
Director - Employment and Labor Market Sector

I had the fortune to meet and collaborate with Chrysiis Poulakou as President of the Human Resources Management Association (SDADE) and HR Director. Chrysiis’ specialization in labor has all the characteristics that make her unique. She has a high level of know-how, moral clarity, critical and analytical thinking, creative determination, straightforwardness, courage of her opinion, respect for her counterparty and quality and substance in her attitudes. Working with her makes you a better professional!

Ad Hoc Legal-Martha Mylona
Martha Mylona
Honorary President, SDADE / Senior Principal, KornFerry

The Ad hoc Legal team always responds promptly and effectively to our every request, providing their services in a proactive and reliable way! In a complex and demanding  environment they are the most appropriate partner to advise a business in a scientifically proven yet realistic way.

Their deep knowledge of labor legislation, constantly keeping up to date with new provisions, and their many years of experience in multinational organizations, are a competitive advantage of Chryssis and her team!

Ad Hoc Legal-Vassilis Chouliaras
Vassilis Chouliaras
HR Eastern Europe, Barilla Hellas S.A.

We have been collaborating with Ad Hoc Legal for more than 7 years. Our collaboration by its nature includes difficult areas, yet it has always been constructive, immediate, comprehensive and above all effective - a collaboration in which we enjoy their dedication, their high quality suggestions, and their innovative solutions.

Ad Hoc Legal-Samios Georgios
Samios Georgios
Chairman of the BoD & Chief Executive Officer

Ad Hoc Legal is a trusted legal advisory choice, providing high quality Legal Services. Ms. Poulakou's office is unreservedly recommended for the immediate and effective resolution of labor issues for any modern business.

Ad Hoc Legal-Constantina Evangeliou
Constantina Evangeliou
CEO at Septona SA

It is great to work with people who love and respect their work! To have a collaboration that is distinguished by its consistency, by its immediate response, by its professionalism, combined with excellent knowledge of the subject. They are always available to answer all our questions with courtesy and clarity.

Ad Hoc Legal-Efi Katsenou
Efi Katsenou
Finance Director Plomari Distillery Isidoros Arvanitis S.A.

Our cooperation with Ad Hoc Legal is flawless. They work consistently, meticulously, and with documented proposals.

The knowledge, experience and discretion of the lawyer Mrs. Chryssiis Poulakou are the best conditions for making the right decisions. She deals with situations with a sense of responsibility and honesty. She is a person you can trust.

Ad Hoc Legal-Rena Bardani
Rena Bardani
President of BoD, ELiNYAE

Chryssiis is knowledgeable about her subject, prepared, measured and dynamic. From the first moment it was clear that she is the lawyer we can trust for labor law issues.

Ad Hoc Legal-Vasilis Birlirakis
Vasilis Birlirakis
President, OSFE

Immediate response and resolution of all issues, with respect to deadlines.
Detailed, realistic approach, without beautifying situations.
The solutions provided are well studied, serious, applicable, and always guided by the interest of the company.

Ad Hoc Legal-Theodore Poulopoulos
Theodore Poulopoulos
Chairman & CEO Beirsdorf Hellas

My collaboration with Ms. Poulakou started in 2015 and continues to this day. All this time we have worked closely on various highly complex projects, such as mass absorption of staff, planning and elaboration of voluntary exit programs, drafting of work regulations, creation of business contracts, etc. The responsibility, the integrity as well as the in-depth knowledge of the legal issues that concern her field of action, make AdHocLegal a key partner in my course so far.

Ad Hoc Legal-George Agelaris
George Agelaris
Senior Manager, HR at Intrum Hellas